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Val Kahe 2014

Val Kahe learned to make pottery from her mother, Gloria Kahe and she continues to use native clay slips, bee-weed (black) and native fire her pottery.

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Kahe, Val – Seedpot with Shard Design

Val Kahe is a daughter of noted potter Gloria Kahe.  She is known for her intricately painted pottery.  This is one of her more complex designed seedpots. The top half has a series of pottery shards, which are inter-connected.  Most are painted with bee-weed (black) while some are polished a deep red and then painted with the black bee-weed.  Each of the red shards is a different bird or moth or flower or mosquito!  Check out the very fine lines used in her painting!  The seedpot has then been traditionally fired to create the fire clouds.  It is signed on the bottom.

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