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Jennifer Moquino. King Galleries | Santa Fe. 2017

Jennifer Moquino

Jennifer Moquino is a daughter of Ray and Emily Tafoya while Mike is a son of Corn Moquino. The use of realism in their imagery has revitalized the style of sgraffito pottery originated by Joseph Lonewolf in the 1970's. Jennifer has won numerous awards for her pottery and is featured in books such as "Talking with the Clay", "Crafted to Perfection" and "Breaking the Mold". Jennifer has also been featured in recent magazine articles in "Native Peoples" and "Southwest Art" and won "Best of Pottery" for a collaborative jar at the 2013 Heard Indian Market.  She has continued to be an award winning potter at Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Indian Market.

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Moquino, Jennifer Tafoya – Jar with Dragonflies and Fish

Jennifer Moquino is known for her clay vessels and exceptional realistic animals. This jar is coil built and fully polished.  It is a wonderful shape with indented sides and it has a square shape.  The top has all different dragonflies etched into the clay.  The background has some additional designs and a micaceous clay.  The bottom is also fully polished and there are small fish etched on the bottom.  Check out the exceptional polishing on and firing the jar.  The last photos are some taken before the jar was fired and then another taken after.  You can see how the jar was red and it is sitting in the crate.  It was then fired black (using the horse manure) and the photo of it with other pieces right after the firing.  We were lucky to have time with Jennifer to fire this piece!  The etched designs are all done after the firing and the colors are all from natural clay slips.  Jennifer continues to be one of the leading innovative potters working today!

$ 1,500.00
Moquino, Jennifer & Jason Ebelacker – Large Double Shoulder Water Jar with Trout

This is a very large collaborative jar by Jennifer Moquino and Jason Ebelacker.  Jason is a grandson of Virginia Ebelacker and a great-grandson of Margaret Tafoya.  He continues in the family tradition of making large vessels.  The amazing water jar has a double shoulder and bear paws around the neck.  The entire piece is fully polished.  The jar captures the traditional forms and style of the Tafoya family.  Jennifer Moquino is known for her realistic etched designs.  On this jar Jennifer has etched a series of trout around the shoulder of the piece.  Each trout is different in design and they are highlighted with additional clay slips for the color.  Jennifer seeks out different natural clays for the coloration on her designs.  Near the base Jennifer has also etched and highlighted some shadows of fish swimming towards the surface. The intricate designs and the large size of the jar work perfectly together.  Jennifer & Jason have collaborated on numerous pieces winning awards for their distinctive collaborations.  This large jar won a First Place blue ribbon at the 2016 Santa Fe Indian Market.  It is exciting to see potters push beyond their comfort level in size and complexity of design.  This large jar definitely an extraordinary piece and note in the last photo the size of the jar next to the Kirin collaborative piece!  Amazing!

$ 14,000.00
Moquino, Jennifer & Jason Ebelacker – Water Jar with Kirin Dragons

This is a collaborative jar by Jennifer Moquino and Jason Ebelacker.  Jason is a great-grandson of Margaret Tafoya and he make, polishes and fired the vessel.  Jennifer then etches the surface with her intricate designs. Together they have been winning awards for their exceptional collaborative works.  Jennifer made a smaller Kirin jar several years ago for one of our shows and a collaborative piece with Russell Sanchez.  This one is a striking shape and very complicated in design with four interconnected Kirin dragons.  Why the Kirin?  The Kirin is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler.  Jennifer has long been fascinated with Asian culture and tying imagery like the Kirin to that of the Avanyu in Pueblo culture.  Here, they are highly detailed and check out the expressions on the faces!  The deep black and very highly polished surface of the jar add to the overall impact of the piece.  All the various colors are from natural clay slips.  Jennifer is extraordinary in her use of realism on her pottery and capturing a moment in time.

$ 7,700.00
Moquino, Jennifer & Jason Ebelacker – Wide Bowl with Prairie Hens

This is a collaborative bowl by Jennifer Moquino and Jason Ebelacker.  Jason made the bowl, which has a very wide and sharp shoulder. The flat top of the bowl is a perfect surface for Jennifer’s designs. His polishing skill can be seen on both the top of the piece and the bottom.  The top of the bowl is fully designed with four Paririe Hens.  This may not seem like an exotic choice of birds, but the complex detail to the etching of the feathers on the bodies is amazing.  There are additional plants and flowers which also surround the bowl around the birds.  The mouth of the mouth of the bowl has cloud and rain patterns etched in the style of her father, Ray Tafoya.  All the various colors are derived from natural clay slips.  Jennifer is extraordinary in her use of realism on her pottery and capturing a moment in time.

$ 4,200.00
Moquino, Jennifer – Carved Jar with Magpies

This is Jennifer Moquino’s second jar which she has carved. The jar was carved before it was fired and she has created the design of the magpies.  The background flower and cloud designs have both micaceous and matte areas. The polish on the jar is glassy, as can be seen especially on the neck of the piece.  There are four magpies carved into the clay, polished and then etched on the surface with the realistic designs.  Check out the detail in the heads, wings the tails.  Jennifer said that she had several magpies in her yard and studied them to get the coloring correct.  There is a beautiful flow to the birds as they circle around the piece.  Around the neck are carved cloud designs.  All the colors are from natural clay slips.  It is an exciting change to see Jennifer begin carving into her pottery and the results are certainly exceptional!

$ 3,800.00
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