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Ty Moquino, 2017, King Galleries

Ty Moquino

Ty Moquino is a son of noted potters Jennifer and Mike Moquino. He is a grandson of Corn Moquino and Ray Tafoya. He has been making pottery since he was little and now continues to win awards for his creative pottery. Most recently he won "Best of Youth" Pottery at the Heard Museum Indian Market in 2017.

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Moquino, Ty – Mask “Buffalo Warrior” (Age 16)

Ty Moquino is a son of noted potter Jennifer Moquino.  At only 16 years old he is making some creative pottery!  This is one of his clay masks.  They are inspired by the science fiction he has read, along with being a commentary on the environment, sustainability and even imagery from Standing Rock.  This mask is “Buffalo Warrior”, which is inspired by the shape of a buffalo skull.  The respirator and horns are fully polished while the remainder of the mask is matte and slipped with mica in areas.  It is an interesting piece reflecting on the connection of the buffalo to Native culture, their extinction, and their future. Also, the inherent symbolism of a warrior in the future wearing a mask representing the buffalo.  It is a creative and thoughtful piece as part of his mask series. It is great to see new work from his young potter.  Ty won the “Best of Youth” award at the Heard Museum Indian Market in 2017 for one of his masks!  It is signed on the back.  The piece will include a metal museum mount for it to be displayed and will take about a week for delivery.

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