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Belen Tapia (1935-1999), Santa Clara Pueblo

Belen Tapia (1935-1999), Santa Clara Pueblo

Belen Tapia was a niece of Sara Fina Tafoya and a sister of Ramoncita Sisneros and the mother of Anita Suazo, Frank Tapia, and Anna Archuleta. She began making pottery in the 1930's during the early years of Santa Clara polychrome pottery. However, by the 1950's she was making primarily carved pottery with unique designs and forms. By the 1980's she was again making polychrome pottery, bringing her artistry full circle. Both of these pieces are from the 1980's. They are each highly polished with a red surface and then painted with various clay slips. The colors; peach, blue, ochre, and white are all natural clay slips.

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Tapia, Belen – Red Carved Jar with Mountain Designs (1970’s)

Belen Tapia was a diverse potter creating everything from painted to carved pottery.  This jar is from the 1970’s and at that time she was making primarily carved pottery.  Belen Tapia was a niece of Sara Fina Tafoya and the mother of Anita Suazo, and Anna Archuleta.  This jar is very deeply carved with a mountain or kiva step pattern on two sides.  Separating the mountains are cloud, wind and rain patterns.  It is unusual as it is a very fluid design across the surface.  The neck of the jar is just slightly turned out. The surface is highly polished and the background area has the traditional cream-colored clay slip.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay and it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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