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Phillip VigilPhillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil (b.1981), is a fourth generation Jicarilla Apache – Jemez Pueblo artist, had never intended on creating art, he had other plans, but art was right under his nose the entire time. His love of art began as a young boy when he realized his grandfather created the paintings on the walls.

Phillip currently creates paintings, collages, drawings, prints, photography, and hand-made slippers made in Turkey in collaboration with The Sabah Dealer and Sabah Shoes. Phillip his works are collected worldwide.

Phillip works in various art media on each of his visual art creations, giving each work tremendous personality and depth.

Phillip Vigil started creating art in 2006 and has shown works in various art shows and galleries since 2009.  He currently shows at galleries in Pittsburgh, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and we are honored to present a collection of his larger paintings.