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This show brings together the creative work of an exceptional family of potters.  Camilio Tafoya was a son of Sarafina Tafoya and a brother of noted potters Margaret Tafoya and Christina Naranjo.  He was married to Agapita Tafoya and after she passed he continued making his own carved pottery.  His daughter Grace Medicine Flower returned to Santa Clara Pueblo in the 1960s and began making carved pottery.  In 1969 she was among the first at Santa Clara pueblo to begin making sgraffito (lightly etched designs) pottery.  Her brother, Joseph Lonewolf, returned to the Pueblo in 1970 and his work immediately caught the attention of the art world.  Over the years his children, Rosemary “Apple Blossom” Lonewolf, Susan “Snowflake” Romero, and Greg Lonewolf, also became exceptional potters.

Over the course of over 50 years, they revolutionized how we think of Pueblo pottery as it evolved from “folk art to fine art”.  Today, their work continues to inspire wonder and awe in the precision and creativity of their shapes, designs and firing.