Aeling, Jeff – “Cumulus Near Parker, Co” Oil on Board (48″ x 32″)

48" x 32" Unframed 56" x 42" Framed

$ 11,700.00

This painting by Jeff Aeling is entitled, “Cumulus Near Parker, CO“.  The subtle colors capture the blue skies and the clouds in the distance.  Jeff is masterful at painting clouds!

Out on location, Jeff Aeling absorbs the geography and the rich earth colors, terra verde, ochre, and reds that permeate the landscape. Jeff Aeling’s universal landscapes possess a stunning intimacy that conveys unexpected power and emotion. His paintings draw upon a vastness that gives you a sense of wonder and awe about the universe.

Once in the studio, Aeling paints with economy. He keeps his brush strokes gestural, often painting at arm’s length, as he applies pigments to board he uses the smallest number of brush strokes.

We are pleased to Jeff’s work at both our Santa Fe and Scottsdale locations.

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