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Aguilar, Rosalie & Joe – Plate with Avanyu Designs (1920’s)

Aguilar, Rosalie & Joe – Plate with Avanyu Designs (1920’s)

10.5" diameter
$ 1,400.00
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Rosalie and Joe Aguilar created some exceptional pottery during brief career working together.  It is often their plates which are the most visually striking and complex of their work.  This plate is a complicated and fascinating design. There are two avanyu heads on either side where the circle is the eye and each has an elongated tongue. They are connected with a water design and the step pattern is the mountain. The “x” design in the center is the turkey track.  The fineline checkerboard areas area exceptionally well painted.  The piece has a very modern appearance with the placement of the imagery yet it is one from the 1920’s.  This plate is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or  repair.  There are a few light surface scratches.  It is signed on the back, “Rosalie + Joe”.

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