Aguino, Martina – Double Shoulder Potsuwi’i Tan Jar (1950’s)

7.25"w x 6.75"h

$ 700.00

Martina Aguino began making pottery in the late 1930s.  This is a classic Potsuwi’i revival in all tan (i.e. no slip but the natural color of the clay polished). The jar has a double shoulder.  Near the rim are two incised bands of clouds and below are vertical incised bands of rain designs.  At the second shoulder, are three rows of triangular mountain designs.  The remainder of the jar is fully polished tan and it was traditionally fired so there are color variations to the surface.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Martina Aguino”.   The bowl is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.

Martina continued the revival in the 1960s.  This new era in San Juan pottery, much as at the other Pueblos in this period, focused on a refinement of the earlier styles. Incised Potsuwi’i style along with the more graphic polychrome incised designs were the foundation of these new potters.

“Revival Rising” Ohkay Owingeh Pottery 1930s-60s