Alexander, George – “What are You Doing Here?” Acrylic on Canvas (24 x 36)

24" x 36"

$ 3,800.00

George Alexander is known for his creative paintings in acrylic on canvas.  He is a Muscogee artist from Oklahoma.  This painting is a new piece entitled, “What are you Doing Here?”. His style of painting is dynamic and often surreal.  George says of his work, “It’s important to juxtapose iconic native imagery with my own experience and use symbolism that speaks to my generation.  I want to force the viewer to challenge their preconceived notions of ‘Indian’.”  George graduated in 2016 from the Institute of American Indian Art and has recently finished studying painting in Florence, Italy.  We are pleased to have his paintings at King Galleries.

George says of his recent paintings:

Through my work, I express my connection to the world around me. As I continue to search for purpose, painting gives me a reason to look beyond the surface.  Each time I create a piece, I see a little bit of myself that I have not seen before.  As  I continue painting, it is a self-reflected dialogue on how I am feeling or where I am going.”