American Indian Art Magazine Vol. 39, #3 (2014)

$ 12.00

American Indian Art Magazine was one of the premier Native Art Magazines for over 40 years.  Many of the issues have become classics for their insightful articles on everything from pottery to beadwork.  The magazine closed a few years ago and I bought out the remaining issues that were focused on the pottery so each one we are listing is now fully sold out!   All issues are in perfect condition.

This is Vol. 39 #3 and I had actually forgotten about a really interesting article which was in this magazine. The article is entitled, “Puebloan Plates: Innovation becomes Tradition“.  The general theme of the article is that “plates” as we know them in Pueblo art, were a later “innovation” in the 1920s.  As Ruth Bunzel noted in 1929, “The flat plate is not a common form, it has only recently been introduced and its decoration is not yet highly developed”.  I worked a bit with the authors on this article in an advisory manner, and think it is definitely interesting to follow the development of forms which are “new” to pueblo art.  Beyond the article, there are some great photos of plates!  You will definitely look at Pueblo plates with a new eye and appreciation.

Two other articles may be of interest. One is on Chumas baskets with designs inspired by Spanish eight-real coins.  The photos are fantastic!  Also an interesting article on Wampum jewelry and early contact with Europeans.

They are new and in excellent condition.  Shipping is included