Antonio, Frederica – Five Color Bird Wing and Bird Feather Jar

7"w x 6"h

$ 3,000.00

Frederica Antonio is renowned for her intricately painted pottery. Each piece is coil built and then finely painted. Her designs are a series of fine vertical and horizontal lines which are then filled in to create larger images in the squares.  This jar is a classic Acoma form with a high shoulder and short neck.  The diamond-shaped designs in two sections of the jar are meant to represent the bird wings and bird feathers.  These colorful areas combine three different colors of clay and the designs are vertical in one section and horizontal in another.  Frederica first paints the black and fills in the area with the clay colors and THEN paints the black bee-weed over the edges again to outline them.  It is very time-consuming but visually striking.  The black-and-white areas are equally striking.  One side has angular designs, like the breast feathers on a bird. The opposite side is the most complex on this jar.  It has her “illusion” effect where the square are offset from one another.  She said she wanted to give the idea of bird feathers in motion and not static.  The appearance whole section is rather amazing in the complexity of the painting and the offset squares!   The base of the jar is concave, reminiscent of historic Acoma jars that were carried on the head.  This combination of thin walls, classic shape, and tightly painted design creates a piece that is visually stunning!  The jar is signed on the bottom, “F. V. Antonio”.