Antonio, Frederica -Infinity Rim Water Jar with Eight Designs

8"w x 7"h

$ 3,800.00

Spectacular! This jar is a dynamic shape and complex design from Frederica Antonio. This jar is coil built and then finely painted. Her designs are a series of fine vertical and horizontal lines which are then filled in to create larger images in the squares.  This shape is a water jar shape with a high shoulder and her iconic “infinity rim”.  The rim is coiled so it turns inward. It is a striking variation from her other infinity rim pieces with a classic shape.  In addition, the jar is fully designed with eight different patterns.  Each of these designs is separated by a cloud pattern that extends from the rim to the base.  There are also colorful rainbow bands that surround the cloud patterns.  Did you know that Frederica has to use a different yucca brush for the inturned part of the rim because of the angle of the painting!  The base of the jar is concave, reminiscent of historic Acoma jars that were carried on the head.  This combination of thin walls, classic shape, and tightly painted design creates a piece that is visually stunning!  The jar is signed on the bottom, “F. V.  Antonio”.