Antonio, Frederica – Polychrome Jar with Flower Designs

6.5"w x 6"h

$ 1,525.00

Frederica Antonio is renown for her intricately painted pottery. Each piece is coil built and then finely painted. Her designs are a series of fine vertical and horizontal lines which are then filled in to create larger images in the squares.  This jar is a classic olla shape with a high shoulder and a short neck.  Frederica has painted the four sections of designs, each meant to represent different flowers.  The designs are a series of “squares” which are the petals with the center being a different color in each section.  There is a band of three different colors of clay which separate each of the sections.  It is amazingly complex for her to both paint the various designs and then add the additional clay colors.  The neck of the jar is painted with a rain pattern which includes four different colors.  This jar is vivid in design, color, and form.  The base of the jar is concave, reminiscent of historic Acoma jars which were carried on the head.  This combination of thin walls, classic shape, and tightly painted design create a piece which is visually stunning!  The jar is signed on the bottom.

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