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Aragon, Rachel – Fine Line Water Jar with Birds

Aragon, Rachel – Fine Line Water Jar with Birds

9.5"w x 9.75"h
$ 750.00
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Rachel Aragon is one of the remaining traditionalist potters working at Acoma.  Born in 1938, she is still making pottery at almost 80 years old!  Her classic olla (water jar) shapes have long been the standard for Acoma pottery, as well as her stunning painting. This jar is a new piece and while not quite as refined as some from the past, it still captures a dynamic strength to the shape and design.  The classic water jar from Acoma has the high shoulder and the slight neck.  It’s the painting, however, which is so beautiful on this jar!  There are small sections with classic parrots in panels.  However, it is the larger thunderbirds which rise up to the rim and are filled in with fine lines which capture the eye.  They swirl and round and energize this elegant jar.  It has the traditional concave base which was to make the jar wearable on the head.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay.

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