Begay, Jr., Harrison – Double Hummingbird Water Jar

5"w x 5.75"h

$ 1,175.00

Harrison Begay, Jr. has won numerous awards over the years for his deep carved pottery.  This water jar has a hummingbird on each side.  The hummingbird on one side is polished and the other is matte.  Note the complexity in the designs on each bird!  Separating them are lightning, cloud and water designs. The rim of the jar is fully polished and the jar is fired a deep black.  The polished sections stand out more in contrast to the black matte areas.  Note as well the style of carving, which has a beveled appearance to the angle of the cuts into the clay. This is a very distinctive style of carving for his pottery.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Harrison”.