Borts-Medlock, Autumn – Large Open Bowl with Carved Deer & Clay Antler

12"w x 8"h

$ 15,800.00

Autumn Borts-Medlock is known for her deeply carved pottery and use of stylized animals motifs.  This bowl is one of her larger pieces and it is fully carved.  Autumn says that the bowl was inspired by her experiences living up in Taos, New Mexico and the elk and deer in the forest surrounding the area. Here she has carved four deer and two large trees as the design.  Technically, this is an amazing bowl with the carving at various levels from the deer back to the mountains and then the clouds!  It is as if she has carved it in relief.  The deer are fully stone polished and the white is a kaolin clay that is slipped on areas before the firing.  The green clay is polished and used as an accent near the base.  Note as well the little details with the texturing of the mountains or the little plants and the contrast of polished and matte surfaces.  There is a lot going on in this bowl!  In addition, she has added a clay antler which rests inside the bowl.  The antler captures the design concept in a multi-dimensional manner.  Autumn says it took her nearly a year to complete this piece due to the complexity of the carving and the polishing.  The time, care and attention to detail are easily seen in the precision of the final bowl!