Borts-Medlock, Autumn – “Stellars Jay”, 4/9

$ 18,000.00

Autumn Borts-Medlock is known for her creative carved pottery.  As well, she has created some dynamic pieces in bronze over the past few years.  This bronze is entitled, “Stellars Jay”.  Autumn has said about her Stellars Jay piece:

“Steller’s Jay has three Steller’s jays perched on antlers amongst the blooming irises. One Steller’s jay is collecting dry grass to build and pad the nest, while another has a dragonfly in its beak. Steller’s jays are very noisy, so the third one is making a squawking announcement of some kind. I added Pueblo designs and blended them within these contemporary patterns. In the feathers there are earth elements, and there are cloud patterns in the birds’ wings. As I sit in my studio and look out the window, these birds are common in my area.”

The piece is in the shape of one of her large jars and there are complex patinas for the coloration. This piece is number 4 of 9. The colorful patinas give the piece a striking appearance.  It is signed and numbered on the bottom.