Borts-Medlock, Autumn & Linda Cain – Elk Skull Jar with Turquoise

3.5"w x 10"h

$ 5,500.00 $ 4,400.00

This is a extraordinary piece by Autumn Borts-Medlock and her mother, Linda Cain. Over the years they have created some extraordinary collaborative pieces.  This jar has a carved elk skull which is deeply carved, etched and highlighted with a white clay slip on the front of the piece.  The antlers of the elk are also carved and polished red.  In the center of the skull is a large inset piece of turquoise.  As the jar is turned, the antlers extend to the back and there are two crossed arrows with a single inset piece of turquoise.  The area surrounding the carved surfaces has a micaceous clay slip. The use of the mica is a perfect contrast to the polished surfaces.  The top of the jar is carved with a kiva step pattern.  The scale of the jar along with the complexity of the carving make this a exceptional piece of their art.  Autumn is a sister of noted potter Tammy Garcia.  Both Autumn and Linda have won numerous awards for their pottery, recognizing their creative and contemporary style of carving.