Cain, Mary – Red Bowl with Avanyu (1980s)

5"w x 3.75"h

$ 625.00

Mary Cain was known for her classic style of Santa Clara pottery.  A daughter of Christina Naranjo, she was a matriarch of a family of classic-style potters including children Tina Diaz and Linda Cain, and grandchildren Tammy Garcia and Autumn Borts-Medlock.  This bowl is from the 1980s.  It is a classic piece of her pottery. It is coil-built, carved, stone polished and traditionally fired. The bowl has a traditional water serpent (avanyu) as the design.  It encircles the piece.  The color of the clay, the deep red, is indicative of her pottery from the 1980s.  The bowl has a cloud pattern around the rim.  Note as well the use of the traditional cream-colored clay in the background that is applied before the piece is fired. The bowl was traditionally fired a red coloration.  It is signed on the bottom, “Mary Cain”.    It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.