Chino, Brian – Fine-line Starburst Jar (1990’s)

4"w x 4.25"h

$ 400.00

Brian Chino was a son of noted potter Edna Chino and a brother of Jay Vallo and Corrine Chino. He began making pottery in 1988. In less than ten years he made a name for himself as a potter renowed for very tightly painted miniatures.  The jar is round in shape there are three starbursts as the design.   Note how thin each line is painted! The neck of the jar is red clay and painted with a feather design.  His work was always exceptional for the size.  This piece is signed, “B. Chino” on the bottom.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Interestingly, this is the largest piece of his pottery I have seen!