Clashin, Debbie – Tall Jar with Hummingirds

7"w x 9.25"h

$ 1,600.00

This is a tall jar by Debbie Clashin.  She is a cousin of noted potter Mark Tahbo and a descendant of Grace Chapella.  Debbie has quickly become well known for her large-sized traditional Hopi-Tewa pottery. The jar is a difficult shape to make and have the sides remain straight when you are coil building piees.  The outside of the jar is fully polished as is most of the interior walls.  The jar is painted on two sides with hummingbirds.  Separating the birds are dragonflies. The birds are painted with bee-weed and highlighted with a red clay slip.  The jar was traditionally fired which created the striking blushes across the surface.   It is signed on the bottom with her name and a pipe for his “Tobacco Clan”.