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Cling, Alice – Tall Corn Husk Side Jar

Cling, Alice – Tall Corn Husk Side Jar

7"w x 8"h
$ 600.00
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This a striking tall jar by Alice Cling.  Alice Cling is one of the great names in the revival of Navajo pottery in the 1980’s. This jar is coil built, stone polished around the neck and striated corn husk designs down the size.  This tall jar is a very traditional Navajo shape with the elongated shape. The design is very subtle but is the coloration of the firing which is so dynamic!  The colors on this jar swirl and range from black to a deep red.  The jar was covered in pine-pitch after the firing, a continuation of the traditional Navajo pottery when the pitch was used to make the pottery waterproof.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Alice Cling”.  Alice has won numerous awards for her pottery and been featured in books such as “Legacy of Generations.”

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