Curran, Dolores – Mini Plate with Feathers and Avanyu (1986)

2.75" diameter

$ 650.00

This is an intricately painted miniature plate Dolores Curran.  Before she began making her carved pieces, she was well known for her delicately painted buff-on-red pottery.  The plate is highly polished red and painted with a buff clay for the design.  Amazingly, she would paint each piece up to five times to get the color of the matte painted areas deep and consistent enough!  This piece has five concentric circles, each with a different design.  There is a water pattern, then rain, then an avanyu, feathers, and finally another water design!  Phew! For the size of the piece, it is amazing that it has this much detail!  Look at how perfect the lines are!  So why doesn’t Dolores make this style anymore? She ran out of the cream-colored clay slip for the painting, and so only uses it as an accent on her new work!  The plate is signed on the back, “Dolores Curran”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.