Curran, Ursula & Dwight Curran – Large Clay Turtle with Fish and Water Designs

6.25" long x 4.25"wide

$ 425.00

Ursula Curran and Dwight Curran are the children of noted potters Dolores Curran and Alvin Curran.  Ursula is named after her grandmother Ursulita Naranjo and she is known for her painted pottery.  This turtle was made by Dwight and then polished and painted by Ursula.  The body of the turtle is matte and it has painted eyes and mouth. The back “shell” is fully polished red.  It is then painted with a cream-colored clay slip to create the design.  It is a rainbow, water, and plant pattern.  It is very detailed and intricately designed.  Amazingly, she has to paint each piece up to five times to get the color of the matte painted areas deep and consistent enough! The turtle is signed on the bottom, “Dwight & Ursula Curran”.