Da, Jarrod – “Red Hybrid Bee III” Original Pastel

9.5" x 7.5" (unframed) 15" x 12.25" (framed)

$ 500.00 $ 350.00

Jarrod Da has created a distinctive style of painting using pastels for his work. Each piece is hand painted and it is amazing how much detail he is able to achieve in each piece!  His new work is a blend of contemporary themes with San Ildefonso and Pueblo imagery.  This piece is entitled, “Red Hybrid Bee III”.  The painting has two bees painted in red and black with Pueblo designs on the wings . They are flying near pueblo painted flowers and with interspersed geometric shapes.  Jarrod wrote of this piece:

Red Hybrid Bee III was created pondering the modern effect we have on honeybees. This is three of a series of mixed media pieces. The design work is influenced through a mix of traditional San Ildefonso Pueblo design and modern deco influences. The fine detail work is done in India ink. This piece is my ode to saving the honeybee and realizing the crucial role they play in this giant organism we call earth.”

The painting is subtle in color but complex in design.  It comes in a black frame and matted. It is signed, “DA 17”.