Da, Tony – Red Plate with Avanyu (1970-1)

6.75" diameter

$ 13,500.00

Tony Da had a short career that spanned from 1967-82.  He helped change the world of Pueblo pottery.   He was among the first Pueblo potters to begin etching into the surface of the pottery (sgraffito), adding stones, hei-shi, and then began creating all matte carved vessels.  His pottery today is considered to be among the most sought after by collectors and museums alike. This plate is from around 1970-71.  It is fully polished red and the design is an avanyu that is etched into the surface of the clay. The etching is done before the piece is fired.  The plate was traditionally fired and it is a deep red coloration.  It is signed on the back in the clay “DA”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Tony’s plates and among his most iconic styles of pottery and a form that he did not continue to make after about 1973.  The plate has a museum mount that was made for it.