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Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Black Shoulder Jar with Turtles

Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Black Shoulder Jar with Turtles

4.5"w x 2.5"h
$ 650.00
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This jar was made by Perston Duwyenie and polished and incised by Debra Duwyenie.  The jar is one of Preston’s classic wide shoulder pieces with the asymmetrical mouth.  The body of the piece is slipped with a micaceous clay and there is a band of polished surface.  The entire piece has been fired black.  The polished area is etched by Debra with seven turtles and lots of fish!  Each turtle has a different design on the back.  Note that there is always one which represent Preston with the wavy lines on the back (for his shifting sand designs).  It is a beautifully designed piece and complex in the variety of designs.  The jar is signed on the bottom with Preston’s hallmark and Debra’s name.

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