Duwyenie, Debra & Preston – Seedpot with Quail, Flowers and Silver Quail Lid

2.5"w x 3.25"h (w/ lid)

$ 950.00

Debra Duwyenie is well known for her wonderful miniatures and incised designs. Each piece is stone polished and then it is etched before it is fired! This seedpot has quail, flowers, hummingbirds, flute players, and a cloud design.  Around the opening, there is a feather pattern and a cloud design.  Around the body of the piece there two figures, one holding a rattle and one holding a flute.  They are surrounded by flowers, quail and hummingbirds.  Note on the flowers and quail how the center of each flower and the wing of each quail is matte! This is achieved by etching away just the surface of the polished slip, but not deep enough to reach the tan colored clay.  There is an unusual addition to her designs with the face in the sky with the clouds.  There is a lot going on for such a small piece!  Debra also pays close attention to the little details like the tan background area and how evenly she etches the vertical lines.  The lid is made by her husband Preston.  It is cast from cuttlefish bone and cast in silver.  It has the same “shifting sand” style pattern as the back of the one turtle and it is cut into the shape of a quail. The bottom of the lid is stamped with Preston’s hallmark and the seedpot with signed with both their names.