Ebelacker, Jason – Bowl with Carved Avanyu Handle

6.5"w x 8"h

$ 1,600.00

This is a deeply carved bowl by Jason Ebelacker.  The body of the bowl is carved with cloud and lighting designs.  They are inspired by the designs on pottery by Margaret Tafoya and Virginia Ebealcker.  The interesting and technically difficult part about this bowl is the handle.  It is not just a handle but carved with a water serpent on the top!  As well, the edges of the handle are cut away when you look down from the top of the piece and the handle itself becomes the avanyu.  The carved areas are highly polished and a complement to the matte surface.  The piece was traditionally fired to a deep black. Jason is a son of noted potter Richard Ebelacker, a grandson of Virginia Ebelacker and great-grandson of Margaret Tafoya.  He has won numerous awards for his pottery and continues to be one of the younger potters to watch.  It’s great to see the continuing evolution of his work in clay.