Ebelacker, Jason – Wide Rainbow Ridge Shoulder With Long Neck

9"w x 7"h

$ 2,200.00

Spectacular!  This jar by Jason Ebelacker is an extraordinary vessel, which finds its reference in a very historical form. There are classic Santa Clara jars made by Jason’s great-great grandmother SaraFina Tafoya, which had a low shoulder and a “triple” rainbow band.  Each band circles out from the neck of the jar, almost as if they are ripples in water.  Jason has created this form with a very flat and wide base.  each ridge is just a bit higher than the next and the jar has an elongated neck.  The neck is just slightly flared out and it is even polished on the inside!  There are bear paws carved into the clay on both sides, signifying the significance of the jar has a water vessel.  Note as well the exceptionally stone polished surface. The time to polish the various levels of the jar and achieve such a dynamic polish is something few potters are able to achieve today.  How well is the jar polished, note in the photo how the neck is reflected onto the shoulder!  Yes, stunning!  Jason is a son of noted potter Richard Ebelacker and grandson of Virginia Ebelacker.  Jason has won numerous awards for his pottery and continues to be one of the important younger potters to watch.  Pottery at this level of creativity and quality are certainly a reflection of both his talent and the future!