Edaakie, Tim – “Bird in Flight” Open Bowl

10"w x 8"h

$ 1,600.00

Tim Edaakie is a grandson of jewelers Dennis and Nancy Edaakie.  In 2019 he was awarded the prestigious “Native Artist Fellow” at the School of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, NM.  He is working to revive traditional Zuni pottery methods, forms, and designs with a focus on the transition from Matsaki to A:shiwi styles.  This large open bowl is a striking new piece of his work.  It is an amalgamation of three periods of designs.  The whole bowl depicts a bird in flight.  The designs at the top are Hawaiku (15th century while the bird itself is inspired by 14th-century Kiva Mound Murals from near Isleta Pueblo.  The tail feathers are inspired by 17th century Zuni A:shiwi polychrome.   The rim has a carved kiva step or cloud design.  The bowl uses a variety of clays for the coloration and it was traditionally fired.  It is signed on the back, “Edaakie  2019”.  We are excited to have work by this talented young potter in the gallery!