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Folwell, Jody & Susan – Asymmetrical Jar with Fish

Folwell, Jody & Susan – Asymmetrical Jar with Fish

10\"w x 9\"h
$ 2,500.00
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Jody Folwell and her daughter Susan are each well known for their innovative pottery.  It is always interesting to see what they will create when they collaborate on their work.  This large jar was made by Jody and designed by Susan.  From the rim to the top of the shoulder it is polished.  The asymmetrical rim gives the idea of waves with the imagery of the fish below.  Around the top of the shoulder Susan has incised  a water, rain and lightning design.  The body of the jar is matte and etched with various salmon.  Each is slipped green and they have various Santa Clara designs on their bodies.  The entire piece is traditionally fired and a great coloration!

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