Folwell, Jody – Tall Jar with Mosquito Man Designs (1984)

5"w x 9.75"h

$ 950.00

Jody Folwell is known for her creative pottery shapes and designs.  This jar is one of her classic tall shapes with a high shoulder and an asymmetric rim.  The entire surface is fully polished in a vertical or “onion skin” manner.  The vertical style of polishing is reminiscent of the historic pottery styles. The jar has deeply incised “Mosquito Man” designs.  It is a figure that is often seen in the Pottery Mound murals in New Mexico, (see last photo).  The four figures are surrounded by lightly etched petroglyph imagery.  Near the base on the base it is dated, 1984 and she has titled the piece, “Democratic Convention 1984, The Mosquito Men”.  It is always her creative and commentary pottery that remains a distinctive statement in time and creativity.  It is signed on the bottom, “Jody”.  The jar is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  The last photo is of the “Mosquito Man” mural at Pottery Mound, NM.