Folwell, Kaa – 20″ Tall Jar with Kiva Step Rim and Graffiti Design

9.5"w x 20"h

$ 3,600.00

Kaa Folwell is one of the exciting young potters working today.  She is a daughter of Polly Rose Folwell and a granddaughter of Jody Folwell. This is an impressive large jar with a kvia step rim. The jar has 22 faces on it, each with a different design. they have both graffiti and painted designs.  The background is mottled in black and white. Even the interior is fully designed with a kiva bowl painted at the very bottom!  The coloration and shape certainly remind one of the Folwell family’s work, but the style of design is definitely that created by Kaa.  It is signed on the bottom, “Kaa”.  It is a beautiful balance of color, form, and design.  We are excited to see more from this young potter!