Folwell, Kaa – Double Avanyu Jar

6.75"w x 6.25"h

$ 1,050.00

Kaa Folwell is one of the exciting young potters working today.  She is a daughter of Polly Rose Folwell and a granddaughter of Jody Folwell. This is a creative interpretation of a Santa Clara jar.  The shape is a classic shape with a round shoulder and a short neck. The design has two avanyu facing one another.  They are geometric in style and painted onto the surface.  The dark red areas are where the clay has been etched away. It is a very subtle use of technique and color to enhance the avanyu.  The rim of the jar is painted with dots and they extend down into the rim.   Kaa’s style of carving and painting is created in a “graffiti” style, giving it a very modernist appearance.  Kaa says she uses the marbling effect around the surface of the jar to highlight the graffiti-inspired Pueblo designs.  It is an elegant shape with a great textural feel. The coloration is both dynamic and with color almost feels as if it is a utilitarian vessel but also very modern.  It is signed on the bottom, “Kaa”.  It is a beautiful balance of color, form, and design.  We are excited to see more from this young potter!