Folwell, Susan – “Into the Past” Tall Jar (Oscar Borg)

6.25"w x 10"h

$ 3,600.00

Susan Folwell is one of the exciting innovators in Pueblo pottery.  Beginning in 2017, Susan Folwell began a series of clay pieces inspired by and re-interpreting the Taos Society of Artists’ work from 1915-27. This large jar is coil built from white micaceous clay. The jar has tall sides and was traditionally fired. The design is painted on both sides and it is inspired by a painting by Taos artist Oscar Borg. The design captures an ancient pueblo dwelling within a rock face.  The design not only captures the cliff face and buildings but the kivas and a waterfall in the distance. The clay surface adds both texture and “sparkle” from the mica.  Susan’s entire “Taos Light” series is based on a native artist re-interpreting the work of the mostly male and Anglo Taos Society of Artists.  The piece is signed, “Folwell” on the bottom.