Folwell, Susan & Jody – Large Open Bowl with Wolves and Sun

13.75"w x 8"h (16"h in museum mount)

$ 3,800.00


This is a large open bowl by Susan Folwell and her mother, Jody Folwell.  The bowl is made by Jody Folwell and designed by Susan.  Susan is known for her innovative and unique Santa Clara pottery.  The bowl was outdoor fired to create the blushes on the bottom of the piece.  The interior and outer rim are fully painted. The interior has a surface in the center.  It is surrounded by four wolves.  Two of the wolves have her iconic “moon face”.  Here is the “new moon” so they are dark.  Susan said of the wolves in her pottery:

“The wolves with the moon face is something that came to me from a time when I was living in El Rito, New Mexico. That area has such a strong Hispanic and Sephardic Jewish culture, and it really rubbed off on me. El Rito sits at the base of a mountain, and I spent a lot of time in solitude. There was a certain look and feel that came into my imagery. I was so far from any city that one of the things I remember was nights and moonlight skies. So the moon came through with my psyche, and I felt very intuitive about having a moon face for the wolf.”  Susan Folwell, Spoken Through Clay

.The other two have stars on their back.  There are additional Folwell “x’s” as part of the design. The exterior has a mountain design.  The bowl is striking in coloration and design.  It is signed on the bottom, “Susan Folwell and Jody”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair. It comes with a metal museum mount made for the piece.