Folwell, Susan – “Reclining Woman” Clay Tile

10" x 5.5"

$ 875.00

Susan Folwell is one of the exciting innovators in Pueblo pottery.  This jar is part of her “Taos Light” series.  The focus is on Susan re-interpreting the work of the Taos Society of Artists. This tile is inspired by a painting by Victor Higgins.  Susan says of this piece:

“This painting by Higgins is a powerful piece.  I really wanted to be able to capture the “Higgins Clouds” (last image).  They are the kind of clouds which you only see in Northern New Mexico..

The tile is made from native clay.  The figure is a reclining woman, surrounded by clouds and above a pueblo scene.  The tile is signed on the back, “Folwell.”

“Viewing Susan Folwell’s intricately designed pottery is like reading a book, as each piece must be turned, examined and viewed from different angles to understand the whole story.”  American Indian Art Magazine, 2005