Folwell, Susan – “The Mushroom Patch” 5 Piece Set (Dunton)

Largest Mushroom: 9.5"w x 13.25"h Medium Mushroom: 7"w x 8.5"h Smallest Three: 4"h to 5"h

$ 4,200.00

This is one of the most exceptional groupings Susan Folwell has made for her “Taos Light” series.  Beginning in 2017, Susan Folwell began a series of clay pieces inspired by and re-interpreting the Taos Society of Artists’ work from 1915-27.  The group of pieces is entitled, “Mushroom Patch”. The largest two mushrooms are painted with forest scenes by Buck Dunton.  They are delicately painted and flow around the surface of the stalk elk on the largest and Big Horn Sheep on the second largest.  There is both a sculptural and organic feel to each piece.  It’s amazing how they are coil built and has such movement and yet such balance!  The interior of the cap on all but one of them are also fully carved!  The top of each mushroom is painted red and white.  Individually, they seem clever but as a group, there is a stronger statement that Susan says she wants to make.  It’s that moment of return to the outside world after a year of COVID. The mushrooms, the lively shapes, the dramatic designs, all work together to achieve her goal.  Looking at them, one does have the feeling of stepping outside and running into something wonderful and yet unexpected.  They feel not just beautiful but hopeful.  They are each signed on the bottom.