Frey, Jeremy – “Point Basket” with Lid

6.5"w x 7"h (w/ lid)

$ 1,600.00

This is an intricately woven “point” basket by Jeremy Frey.  The basket is made from black ash and Sweetgrass.  Jeremy said that when he first began to innovate and evolve his basket making, his first focus was on artistry.  This basket focuses less on color and primarily on a complex weave of design with points emanating from the surface in rows across the surface.  They create an amazing feel to the piece.  The lid of the basket has the points which increase in size from the center to the edge.  The round finial is equally dynamic and Jeremy said that he began weaving more complex designs on his lid handles after working with some weavers in Hawaii.  It is signed on the bottom, “Jeremy Frey 2020”.