Gachupin, Bertha – Jar with Corn Design and 20 Melon Ribs

6"w x 6"h

$ 200.00 $ 150.00

Bertha Gachupin learned to make pottery from her grandmother Persingula Gachupin.  Her aunt Marie Romero, mother Lenora Fragua, and cousins Maxine Toya and Laura Gachupin are also potters.  This jar is coil built and on one side there are 20 vertical melon ribs extending from the rim to the base.  They encompass about two-thirds of the jar.  The last third is matte and painted with two corn plants.  The area is matte and painted with various clay slips.  It is signed on the bottom, “Bertha Gachupin” and a corn stalk.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.