Garcia, Gloria “Golden Rod” – Bowl with Nine Quail and Grasshopper

2.25"w x 2"h

$ 425.00 $ 350.00

Gloria Garcia is known for her miniature pottery.  She is a daughter of Petra Gutierrez and the sister of Lois Gutierrez, Minnie Vigil, and Thelma Talachy.  This small bowl is fully polished and fired a deep black. There are nine Mimbres style quail encircling the piece.  They are each etched with additional designs for their wings and around their eyes.  They are looking at a little cricket or grasshopper on one section of the bowl!  There are rain and cloud designs around the rim.  The polishing is exceptional with a high glossy surface.  This piece is signed on the bottom with her Tewa name “GoldenRod”.