Garcia, Jason – “Corn Maiden” Box

5"w x 5"w x 3.5"h (w/ lid)

$ 1,000.00

This is one of the few boxes made by Jason Garcia.  It is part of his Corn Maiden series which feature young Pueblo women in traditional dress for the Corn Dance and placing them in a modern context.  This box is painted around the sides with plant, cloud, and rain patterns.  The lid is painted with one of his famous Corn Maiden dancers.  It is very intricate in design and while she is holding evergreens in one hand, the other has her on her cell phone. Note the details in her rings, necklace, and tablita.  In the background are the steps of the kvia along with TV antennae. The antennae is a nod to “St. Claire”, the patron saint of Santa Clara Pueblo, but also televisions.  In the top corner there is a traditional raincloud, which for Jason is a connection to the polychrome pottery of artists such as Lela and Van Gutierrez.  The piece is made from native clay and painted with native clay slips.  It is signed with his Tewa name, Okuu Pin, which means Turtle Mountain.