Garcia, Jason – “#KhaPoFeast” Santa Clara Feast Day Clay Tile

6.75" x 9"

$ 1,100.00

This tile by Jason Garcia is part of his Pueblo Corn Maiden series.  His pieces capture moments in time creating commentary on society and culture. This tile is entitled, “#KhaPoFeast”.  That is an Instagram tag, and “KhaPo” is the Tewa name for Santa Clara.  The girl is dressed for the Corn Dance and wearing a traditional tablita.  She is taking a selfie, hence the title of the tile.  Note that the phone is Jason’s signature’ “iCorn”.  In the background are the ladders for the kiva.  There is also a TV satellite which is Jason’s way to indicate it is Santa Clara Pueblo, as St. Claire is the patron saint of both the Pueblo and TV.  In the sky is his hallmark raincloud with all his various clay colorations.  This piece is signed with his Tewa name, Okuu Pin, which means Turtle Mountain.  This tile is hand-built from native clay.  All of the colors are derived from Native clay and traditionally fired.