Garcia, Jason – “Tewa Tales of Suspense! #98” Clay Tile

9" x 13"

$ 2,200.00

It’s great to have a new tile from Jason Garcia.  Jason has won numerous awards for his works in clay along with his Pueblo Revolt serigraph series.  This piece is made from native clay, painted with native clay slips, and traditionally fired.  This piece is part of his  “Tewa Tales of Suspense” series.  Each piece is inspired by graphic novels and early comic book art and the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  The piece has Spring “XXIII” for 2023 as the date.  This tile is a great use of color and design, using the natural color of the clay to enhance the designs.  It is a Pueblo warrior with a bow and arrow.  In the background is the Pueblo and the kiva.  The mountains are striking with the snow-covered peaks!  The motion and power of this piece is exceptional.  His piece is signed with his Tewa name, Okuu Pin, which means Turtle Mountain.