Garcia, Jason – “Tewa Tales of Suspense! No. 80” Clay Tile

13" x 8.25"

$ 2,100.00

It’s great to have a new tile from Jason Garcia.  Jason has won numerous awards for his works in clay along with his Pueblo Revolt serigraph series.  This piece is made from native clay and painted with native clay slips.  This piece is part of his  “Tewa Tales of Suspense” series that he began making in 2008.  Each piece is inspired by graphic novels and early comic book art and the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  This piece has the Pueblo warrior with her arm upstretched holding a bow.  In the background are the clouds and fires from when the Pueblo people burned down the Spanish churches during the Pueblo Revolt.  The clouds are always striking on his pieces.  The tile was traditionally fired and note the bit of fire cloud in the clouds and on the lower left.  It’s always great to see the results of the firing in the clay!  The “date” on the piece is “Pajogeri XXII”, which stands for “Summer 2022”.  His piece is signed with his Tewa name, Okuu Pin, which means Turtle Mountain.  This tile is hand-built from native clay.  All of the colors are derived from Native clay and traditionally fired.