Garcia, Jason – “Tewa Texting” Tile

6.5"w x 7"h

$ 650.00

This tile by Jason Garcia is part of his series of pieces that explore the Pueblo world in a modern context.  Here, the young girl is dressed in a traditional manta and hair whorls.  Behind her is the kiva and the Pueblo buildings in silhouette.  She is texting on her cell phone. The phone is Jason’s signature “iCorn” phone, with the corn motif on the back.  In the sky behind the young girl are the rainclouds, a traditional element Jason adds to his work. Each piece is a hand-built with native clay and alll of the colors are derived from Native clay.  The piece is signed on the back, “Okuu Pin”, which is Jason’s name in Tewa which translates as “Turtle Mountain”.