Garcia, Tammy – Jar with Heartline Deer & Flowers (2019)

5"w x 4.5"h

$ 7,000.00

This is a striking black fired jar by Tammy Garcia.  The jar is carved on numerous levels with contrasting polished and matte surfaces.  The focal point of the jar is a large heartline deer. The deer has a carved heartline which is also polished and a carved flower design. The flowers are both intricately carved and also require each petal to be individually polished!  Surrounding the deer are carved lighting and kiva step patterns.  The opposite side has flowers carved into the clay.  There are five flowers on half the jar.  Again, they are carved at five different levels into the clay!  The jar was traditionally fired black and there is a single inset piece of turquoise inset in one of the flowers.  Tammy has won numerous awards for her pottery and been the recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s award.  It’s not surprising that with the intricate nature of her pottery she makes only about ten pieces of pottery a year.  Yet each piece is unique and expands on her distinctive style and voice in the clay.