Garcia, Tammy – Jar with Mimbres Rabbit (2019)

5.25"w x 5"h

$ 7,000.00

This new jar by Tammy Garcia is a round shape with a slight neck.  The jar has two Mimbres inspired rabbits as the design.  Each rabbit is carved into the clay.  The heads and legs are polished while the body is matte.  There are small polished flowers carved onto the body of the rabbit and flowers below.  Between the rabbits are carved geometric shapes with flowers carved in relief!  There are wonderful variations in dimension on this jar.   As well, there are contrasting textures with matte, polished and stippled areas.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay.  Tammy has won numerous awards for her pottery and been the recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s award.  It’s not surprising that with the intricate nature of her pottery she makes only about ten pieces of pottery a year.  Yes. Ten!  Yet each piece is unique and expands on her distinctive style and voice in the clay.

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